NorthWestMystical is a spiritual community in the Pacific Northwest dedicated to help the sincere searcher lead their own lives by their Intuition and Inner Guidance, free of the limitations of religious dogma and theology. NorthWestMystical adheres to the belief that all spiritual philosophies – from historic tradition to metaphysics – have truth but no one approach has all the truth. What counts is the spiritual searcher validates and makes practical the Inspiration and Wisdom provided by their Spirit Guides or Angels through their own Intuitive ability in all its forms, to fulfill their “Dream Within” and be of service to mankind.


NorthWestMystical is a partner with Inner Peace Movement International® (IPMI), which is a part of the Wayshowers College®, a nonprofit, educational organization founded in 1964 in Washington D.C. by a remarkable man named Dr. Francisco Coll, a recognized international leader in self-discovery. The goal of the program is the fulfillment of the human potential by understanding the Intuition and Inspiration each of us is receiving from our Spirit Guides or Angels, free of religious dogma and tradition. The IPMI program offers insightful tools and techniques to help unfold the Intuition we are receiving in all its forms, i.e.: Premonition (prophecy) sensing opportunities ahead and forewarning; Inner Vision (clairvoyance) seeing the roadmap of your dream come true; Inner Hearing (clairaudience) innovative ideas to create meaningful change; and Feeling (psychometry) guidance through feelings and targeted healing. Introductory presentations lead to autonomous groups in the community led by an experienced facilitator to help unfold our Intuitive abilities.

NorthWestMystical is a partner with the Astro-Soul® program, which is a part of the Wayshowers College®. Astro-Soul® has an extensive program of advanced in-depth training, tools, techniques and community involvement to help each individual unfold the full range of their intuitive or mystical ability in an environment without philosophy or judgment. Astro Soul is backed by 4000 master of master souls to help clarify the purpose of life in this dimension and improve our communication with the higher Spirit to receive uncolored and unbiased inspiration that is needed to guide our lives. In our intuitive or mystical ability, we can see without eyes, hear without ears and feel without a physical body to understand we are a soul in a physical body, not a physical body with a soul. Only in the specifics of our intuitive or mystical ability will we ever be secure. Though we reside in eternity, our time and our intuitive ability are our most important assets while on planet earth.

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