NEW Online Course

**Enhancing My Intuition in Challenging Times!**

This is a free online course created by in Portland, Oregon December 8, 2020 that will help each participant work with their Spirit Guides or Angels to enhance your intuition in these challenging times.

A simple, fun and very informative course to learn how to work with your natural spiritual healing and learn a technique to use your premonition to discern a message just for you about 2021!

**Enjoy learning this powerful technique to Discern Your Future.

A Message from Spirit

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NorthWestMystical is a partner with Wayshowers College® , founded in 1964 in Washington D.C. by a remarkable man named Dr. Francisco Coll, a recognized international leader in self-discovery. The goal of the program is the fulfillment of the human potential by understanding the Intuition and Inspiration each of us is receiving from our Spirit Guides or Angels through our Intuitive Abilities, which are:

  • Premonition of the Future (Prophecy) – Sensing Opportunities Ahead and Forewarning of Trouble;
  • Inner Vision (Clairvoyance) – Seeing Within the Inner Road Map to Achieve My Dream Come True;
  • Clear Hearing (Clairaudience) – Inspiration and Ideas to Create Meaningful Change and Thrive;
  • Perceptive Feeling (Psychometric) – Targeted Healing and the Crystal Clear Direction Of My Love Within;

Wayshowers College has an extensive program of in-depth training, tools, techniques and community involvement to help each woman or man unfold the full range of their Intuitive or Mystical Abilities in an Environment Without Philosophy or Judgment. Wayshowers is a College that Helps People Learn Through Experience! Our goal is To Fulfill the “Dream Within” that is Unique To Each of Us!

NorthWestMystical is a partner with the Astro-Soul® program, which is a part of the Wayshowers College® . Astro-Soul® has an extensive program of advanced in-depth training, tools, techniques and community involvement in an environment without philosophy or judgment. Astro Soul® helps the sincere spiritual searcher understand how past lives and reincarnation impacts careers, family and close personal relationships today and how our involvement is setting the stage for our next life opportunity and mastery. Astro Soul® is backed by 4000 master of master souls to help clarify the purpose of life in this dimension and improve our communication with our Spirit Guides or Angels to receive uncolored and unbiased inspiration that is needed to guide our lives. Though as a soul we are eternal, our time and our intuitive ability while on planet earth are our most important assets to fulfill our dream within.