How Past Lives Impact Life Today

**My Voyage of Fulfillment!

This Past Lifetime Profile “My Voyage of Fulfillment” is an Insightful Look into My Life Direction as Guided by Spirit. Specifics are provided to Discover Keys on What I’ve Come To Give To Me This Lifetime, Identify an Important Past Life that is Helping Me Today, Skills and Talents I have Come To Work With, Tendencies that may hold me back, Healing the Spiritual Chakra System as Guided by Spirit, pin pointing a Solution that Will Help Me and ending with an Angelic Inspiration so My Dream Comes True!   Profiles can be done In Person or Online.

**Healing Souls and Trauma From My Past!

This Past Lifetime Profile “Healing Souls and Trauma From My Past” is an Insightful Look into The Flow of Life Force Energy as Guided by SpiritHeal Souls and Trauma From Past Lives That Impact the Spiritual and Physical Glandular (Chakra) System.  Relieve Stress and Heal Symptoms of Illness.  Release Life Force Energy To Feel Vital and Alive Every Moment.  Unlock Creative Insights to Build the Life Experience You Want.  Discover the Roadmap Within So Life Becomes An Opportunity, Moving From One Success To Another.  Profiles can be done In Person or Online.

1001 Spirit Guide & Intuition Profile

This profile is the cornerstone of the Astro Soul® and Wayshowers College programs.

In this one hour profile, the Counselee will Receive Important Information about their team of Spirit Guides or Angels that he or she Brought With Them This Lifetime and where they touch them on their physical body. The Counselee will Learn about Their Intuitive Communication System and what are their Natural Skills They Brought With Them to Receive Inspiration from Spirit. The capstone is Learning How to Ask Questions from their Spirit Guides or Angels and Receive Answers with Confidence and certainty that They Are Correct.  Profiles can be done In Person or Online.


1002-A Blockage Discovery Profile

With the Help of the Counselee’s Spirit Guides or Angels (clarified in the 1001 Spirit Guide and Intuition Profile), Heal an Important Tramatic Area that was Inherited from This Lifetime that stimulates the counselee to misinterpret a personal encounter or situation because of emotional trauma received during the first seven years of life. With a Beautiful and Effortless Healing from Spirit, reconcile an often volatile emotional area that holds a person back, such as hurt, fear, guilt or anger. After this profile, the counselee Returns to the Beautiful and Fulfilling Message of their Spirit Guides to Help Direct Their Life by Spirit. Profiles can be done In Person or Online.

1003-A Percentage of Balance of My Glandular System Profile

In this profile, Heal Concepts and Attitudes that Restrict the Natural Flow of Life Force Energy in the Physical and Spiritual Body, which often Leads to Physical Illness and Dis-ease. Learn through Spirit an Important Healing Technique to Relieve the Imposition of this Confusion, often handed down from generation to generations. Learn to Receive the Inspiration of your Spirit Guides or Angels without the imposition of these limiting concepts so a Lifetime of Fulfillment and Success is AchievedProfiles can be done In Person or Online.

7004 – Inner Guidance and My Spiritual Thrust Profile

Discover and Learn about the Strengths and Talents of your Spiritual Guides or Angels that you Selected This Lifetime to Help Achieve your Dream Within Learn the Specifics of What you have Come to Achieve Spiritually This Lifetime and why you contracted with these Spirit Guides or Angels to help you.  Receive a Deeply Grounded and Clear Statement of the Meaning of your Spiritual Life This Lifetime and Move Forward Effortlessly to Fully Realize Your Dream WithinProfiles can be done In Person or Online.

2001 – Astro-Soul Universal Energy Chart Profile

This profile is a Comprehensive Look at a Past Lifetime that has Substantial Impact on our Present Lifetime.  The area of concern may be a recent transition of an important loved one or colleague.  Heal and Resolve This Lifetime that has the Individual under a Great Deal of Pressure Spiritually and Physically, Impacting their Personal, Family or Work situation(s). Substantial conflict, worry, fear or guilt can be addressed from this profile. With the Backing and Concern from Spirit, the situation is Resolved so the Individual Returns to the Effortless and Joyful Inspiration from Spirit to Guide their LivesProfiles can be done In Person or Online.

This is a more in-depth profile by the Astro-Soul program that has many prerequisite profiles to quality the participant for this healing, but an early approval can be requested if a substantial need is demonstrated.

2002 – Astro-Soul Soul Consciousness Profile

This profile is an In-depth Look at the Impact of Souls from Past Lifetimes on the Spiritual and Physical Chakra or Glandular System that may Lead to Illness and Impact the Sensitivity of the counselee’s Four Spiritual Intuitions or gifts. A Simple and Comprehensive Therapy is Initiated to Heal these Concepts and Souls to Substantially Improve the Health of the Individual, both spiritually and physically, along with Improving the Sensitivity of the counselee’s Intuitions or gifts.  Profiles can be done In Person or Online.

Many other in-depth profiles are available, learn more