**Creating Inner Peace – Your Ultimate Immunity!**

Sponsored By NorthWestMystical, Inner Peace Movement International® and Astro Soul® Programs (please see links below)

MANY WANT TO RETURN TO NORMAL. Truth is we cannot return to NORMAL because that is what got us here in the first place.

We need to take today’s lessons and build a new practical NORMAL for everyone. That new normal starts with you!

**In this class, we will focus on Becoming an Agent of Transformation.
**Learn to Brighten Your Light and Radiate Healing in Your Environment.
**Build Strong Immunity from anxiety, stress, and negativity and help
others to do the same.
**Create a Core of Inner Peace regardless of outer conditions.
**See a Bigger Picture of Life on Planet Earth (Energy, Growth, Purpose, Guidance, Inner Freedom).
**Experience Energetic Techniques that Cut Through Negativity and
Raise Personal Energy.
**Learn Intuitive Methods for Living Without Fear.
**Connect with Others in Profoundly Positive Ways!

Presentation by Roger Ringo
(515) 710-4618

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This is one Online Class you will not want to miss! Presented at 4 different times
Date: April 15th and April 16th
Time: 10:00 or 6:00 pm PDT

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This webinar will be a life preserver that will keep you from sinking!
I Hope you can attend.

I look forward to sharing this topic that has meant a lot to me.

Roger Ringo

Our Sincere Thanks to Roger for Presenting this On Line Program!

**Discovery of My Intuitive Abilities!**

• Premonition of the Future (Prophecy) – Opportunities Ahead and Forewarning of Trouble;
• Inner Vision (Clairvoyance) – Seeing Within the Inner Road Map to Achieve My Dream Come True;
• Clear Hearing (Clairaudience) – Inspiration and Ideas to Create Meaningful Change and Thrive;
• Perceptive Feeling (Psychometric) – Targeted Healing and the Crystal Clear Direction Of My Love Within;

Private One-to-One Consultations Available. Can Be Done Online. See www.NorthWestMystical.com.

NorthWestMystical.com, in partnership with Wayshowers College®, Inner Peace Movement International®, New Spiritual Horizons® and Astro Soul® programs, helps to unfold the Intuitive Abilities of people, free of religious dogma and theology. Wayshowers College®, an international organization founded in 1968, provides Tools and Techniques in the community to help the Sincere Spiritual Searcher develop a Clear Communication with her Spirit Guides or Angels. One-on one consultations are available to unfold this communication so each person can ask for help and receive an answer that is correct for them. Please see NorthWestMystical.com and WayshowersCollege.com for further details.

**Many thanks to those who attended our booth at the Portland MeWe Fair February 8th in Portland!** Over 25 past lifetime consultations were given.

This Beautiful Moment, Guided By My Love …

John Pease
Astro-Soul® program