**Wealth of Your Metaphysical Nature! – a Live Online Class**

Did you know that Each of Us has Innate Metaphysical Abilities that will Help a Person Succeed In Life? This three hour Live Online Course will Provide Hands On Experience with your Metaphysical Nature!

Techniques in this Live Program will include:
*Seeing Auras (energy around people) and Learn Their Meaning;
*Receive Inspiration through Inner Hearing (sometimes called clairaudience) At Will
*Experiencing Astro Travel or the Ability To Travel Spiritually To Receive Greater Insights!

Each of us can become More Successful in Relationships and Reduce Stress with Work and COVID by Simply Using Our Metaphysical Nature. Some people just Naturally Use their Metaphysical Nature to Attract the Life They Want without trying. Would You Like To Gain Insights to Attract The Life Experience You Want and Need?

Wealth of Your Metaphysical Nature! – a Live Online Class
Saturday, Oct 24th, 11:00 am – 2:00 pm PDT
Please Register Online at: