This will be a free live Zoom teleconference on Tuesday, June 30th at 7:00 p.m. PDT USA to support a free prerecorded program that was posted on in early June. The Zoom link will be provided to those who RSVP to this meetup. PASSWORD: love

The Tuesday Zoom teleconference will build on the prerecorded course so it would be helpful for the participant to work with this recorded course beforehand to have a richer experience with the Zoom meeting!**

Created by John Pease, an Intuitive Facilitator and Spiritual Consultant for, a partner with the International programs Astro Soul®, Inner Peace Movement International® and Wayshowers College®, founded in 1968 by a very prescient man named Dr. Francisco Coll. NorthWestMystical is a spiritual community in the Pacific Northwest dedicated to help the sincere searcher Lead their Own Lives By Their Intuition and Inner Guidance and Be of Service to Humankind. This Presentation will discuss one of the Most Underutilized Resources in People’s Spiritual Lives, their Relationship with their Spirit Guides or Guardian Angels. We will Explore How People Can Utilize Their Own Spirit Guides To Create The Meaningful Change They Want! People accept that Spirit Guides or Angels Exist and have likely had Several Experiences in their Lives where they are Certain they Received Wisdom from a Higher Source. Yet, day to day most people have little idea of what they may need spiritually and what Their Angels Wanted Them To Learn From Their Life Experience!

In this course, Learn How to Receive Daily Guidance from My Spirit Guides To Create the Meaningful Change I Want! What I am going to pass on to you I learned from a Unique Learning Institution called Wayshowers College® and a program within this College called the Astro Soul® Program. This College and Program were founded with the primary purpose to teach people how to receive inspiration and guidance through their Intuitive Abilities, which we all have! Wayshowers College® has an extensive program of in-depth training, tools, techniques and community involvement to help each woman or man unfold the full range of their Intuitive or Mystical Abilities in an Environment Without Philosophy or Judgment. Wayshowers is a College that Helps People Learn Through Experience! Our goal is To Fulfill the “Dream Within” that is Unique To Each of Us!

What will be shared has been refined by over fifty years of experience through many courses and programs internationally. The goal is to help each woman and man become a Little Bit Stronger With Their Spirit Guides so they can Create the Meaningful Change They Want, Utilizing Their Own Intuition!

**Discovery of My Intuitive Abilities!**

• Premonition of the Future (Prophecy) – Opportunities Ahead and Forewarning of Trouble;
• Inner Vision (Clairvoyance) – Seeing Within the Inner Road Map to Achieve My Dream Come True;
• Clear Hearing (Clairaudience) – Inspiration and Ideas to Create Meaningful Change and Thrive;
• Perceptive Feeling (Psychometric) – Targeted Healing and the Crystal Clear Direction Of My Love Within;

One-on one consultations are available to unfold this communication so each person can ask for help and receive an answer that is correct for them. Please see and for further details.

**In Spirit, No Day Is Ordinary!**

This Beautiful Moment, Guided By My Love …

John Pease
Astro-Soul® program