**Healing Confused Entities That Impact Careers, Families & Relationships!**

**Healing of Confused Entities From Past Lifetimes That Impact Careers, Families and Close Personal Relationships!**

**This is a Targeted Healing Service Unique to NorthWestMystical.com and the Astro Soul® programs! Working with Premonition and our Innate Ability to Sense Our Environment Spiritually, Trained Practitioners bring through Confused Entities using Spiritual Trance that have a Significant Impact on Careers, Families and Close Personal Relationships! With the Backing of the 4000 Master of Master Souls who Support the Astro Soul® program, these Confused Entities are Healed, which Helps Bring Clarity and Resolution to Strong Emotional Feelings such as Anger, Guilt, Hurt and Fear!

**Please Be Aware that This Opportunity May Simulate Strong Ambivalent Feelings or Physical Events to Keep You From Attending! Typically Only Short Notice Is Given when a Trance Healing Program Will Take Place so the Client Is Not Divided By Their Spiritual Environment Around Them. This is Normal As Entities Do Not Want To Be Released For They Benefit from the Energy you are providing them! All Emotions Send Substantial Energy to something or to someone!

The Environment where This Healing Takes Place is Businesslike and Low Key. Folks new to this Service can Attend and Observe for Free one time. A free 10 minute presentation is given in the beginning for people not familiar with NorthWestMystical.com or the Astro Soul® programs. Trained Practitioners allow souls to use their voice so Entities around the Client Are Healed and Released. This can Substantially Reduce the Spiritual Pressure Around An Individual so their Intuitive Sensitivity and Backing From Their Spirit Guides or Angels Shines Through Like the Sun!

**Our Important Intuitive Abilities!

• Premonition of the Future (Prophecy) – Opportunities Ahead and Forewarning;
• Inner Vision (Clairvoyance) – Seeing the Inner Road Map to Achieve My Dream Come True;
• Clear Hearing (Clairaudience) – Inspiration and Ideas to Create Meaningful Change;
• Perceptive Feeling (Psychometric) – Targeted Healing and Direction From My Love Within;

NorthWestMystical.com, in partnership with Wayshowers College®, Inner Peace Movement International® and Astro Soul® programs, helps to unfold the Intuitive Abilities of people, free of religious dogma and theology. Wayshowers College®, an international organization founded in 1968, provides Tools and Techniques in the community to help the Sincere Spiritual Searcher develop a Clear Communication with her Spirit Guides or Angels. One-on one consultations are available to unfold this communication so each person can ask for help and receive an answer that is correct for them. Please see NorthWestMystical.com and WayshowersCollege.com for further details. The energy exchange for this Healing Service is $20 to heal two souls that the Spirit Guides of the Client feel Have a Substantial Impact on them.

Many thanks to those who attended our booth at the Body/Mind/Spirit Expo November 2nd & 3rd in Portland. Over 30 Past Life Readings and Their Interpretation were given!

This Beautiful Moment, Guided By My Love …

John Pease
Astro-Soul® program