**This Meetup is an open discussion on Beginning the Intuitive Journey To Fulfill My Own Life!**

WHEN: Sunday, September 22, 2019 from 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM

WHERE: Tao of Tea, 3430 SE Belmont St · Portland

Our Intuitive Journey Must Begin so We Are Guided to the Key People, Places and Experiences that Will Fulfill Us! Often we make work, other people and our day to day routine more important than ourselves. We must recognize that each of us has a Vision Within! If we simply Begin Our Intuitive Journey, We can Create the Adventure of a Lifetime – Creating Our Dream Come True! Our needs will be Met and Met Abundantly with Each Step We Take.

Never forget Our Lives are Precious and that we are Important Wayshowers to ourselves and the people around us no matter where we go! This Begins with Clear Direction and Purpose by Asking for Inspiration from our Spirit Guides to Identify Our Fulfillment so we have a Deep and Meaningful Relationship with Ourselves and the world around us. Our Life then becomes Our Opportunity to Fulfill Ourselves through Every Action we take!

NorthWestMystical.com, in partnership with Wayshowers College®, Inner Peace Movement International® and Astro Soul® programs, helps to unfold the Intuitive Abilities of people, free of religious dogma and theology. Wayshowers College®, an international organization founded in 1968, provides Tools and Techniques in the community to help the Sincere Spiritual Searcher develop a Clear Communication with her Spirit Guides or Angels. One-on one consultations are available to unfold this communication so each person can ask for help and receive an answer that is correct for them. Please see NorthWestMystical.com and WayshowersCollege.com for further details.

Many thanks to those who attended our Meetup July 14th at the Tao of Tea on My Past, Present and Future – The Evolution of My Destiny! Our exchange of ideas and experiences was priceless!

Please look for John at a Tao of Tea table with a yellow shirt and a table announcement titled “Wayshowers College/Astro Soul.

This Beautiful Moment, Guided By My Love …

John Pease
Astro-Soul® program